Engine Nitro and Engine Liquid Nitro Review

Though the Nitro and Liquid Nitro have the same frame, the Nitro is a traditional Swedish goggle and the Liquid Nitro is a gasketed variation. By that I mean the Nitro has no gasket and the goggle sits directly in the eye socket. The Liquid Nitro has a liquid silicone gasket for cushioning. The gasket is very comfortable and has a great seal. The shape and size of the goggle part is identical between the Nitro and Liquid Nitro. The lens is a mirrored type. For fans of this goggle, like me, you might want to consider getting a pair of the regular Nitro for racing, and a pair of the Liquid Nitro for training.

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Barracuda Wire Mask Review

Barracuda Wire Mask

格鲁竞技If you really like the Barracuda line like I do, but are more interested in a Swim Mask than a traditional goggle, you might want to try the Barracuda Wire Mask.

It is made by putting a wire inside of a flexible frame. It is very comfortable and adapted to my face with a watertight seal. You can wear this mask for long periods without discomfort. The only downside I’ve found is that the lenses seem to be inset with glue and have come loose on my pair. Based on other reviews, this seems to be a fairly common isue with the Wire Mask.

It comes in clear, blue and smoke.

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Barracuda Ultimate Swim Goggle

Barracuda Ultimate Goggles

I like the way these swim goggles match the anatomy of my face. They felt like a puzzle piece snapping into place the minute I put them on. Because they fit my face so well, they keep out the water, without leaving marks on my skin. I would consider this goggle to be on the smaller side of the spectrum, but its still suitable for average-sized faces like mine.

The Barracuda Ultimate uses the positive pressure seal that’s found in other Barracuda models, but with a traditional latex gasket.

It uses a double strap approach and is latex free. It is very comfortable to wear. The Ultimate has a rear mounted adjustment tab that makes taking them off and on easy. In terms of comfort, proven technology and style, this is a great goggle.

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Barracuda Medalist Fog Resistant Goggle Review

Barracuda Medalist Goggles

Though I haven’t used this one myself as it is designed for those with smaller facial structures (usually women and youth), I have heard good things about it from others. Like all Barracuda goggles it has die hard fans who swear by them. A fairly simple design with high reliability and quality brings them back. The gasket is a soft sponge material common to other Barracuda goggles. The Barracuda Medalist is basically a smaller version of the Barracuda Standard swim goggle. It comes in clear, blue and smoke versions.

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格鲁竞技Aqua Sphere Kaiman Goggle Review

Aqua Sphere Kaiman Goggles

Though some sites list the Aqua Sphere Kaiman Goggle as a competition goggle, I see it more as a recreational style (or maybe training) goggle. It is bigger than most competition goggles and has a one piece soft frame made from a material called Softeril.

I have found they are easy to put on and stay in place quite well. They are very comfortable for extended periods because of the frame and gasket material.

I prefer the tinted ones as I swim mostly outdoors. They come in clear, tint and mirrored lens variations. Obviously you want to take good care of any goggle, but I find these hold up quite well under all conditions (even with the neglect I tend to show my goggles).

The straps are easy to adjust with the levers at the temples. They have U.V. protection and an anti-fog coating.

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格鲁竞技Speedo Vanquisher Optical Swim Goggle Review

Speedo Vanquisher Optical Goggles

This is a great inexpensive goggle if you are near-sighted like I am. Though it doesn’t allow for each eye to have its own prescription格鲁竞技 like the Tusa Liberator Swim Goggle or the Aqua Sphere Eagle Goggle, it is less expensive and there are many swimmers out there that have a similar prescription for both eyes, if not exactly the same.

If you swim in a fuzzy world like I would if I didn’t have prescription goggles available, not having your exact prescription is not that big a deal. These will improve your underwater vision (for the average near-sighted swimmer) and I recommend them if you are on a budget.

As the Speedo Vanquisher is a competition goggle it may be a little less comfortable for extended wear.

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Aqua Sphere Kayenne Swim Goggle Review

Aqua Sphere Kayenne Goggles

Aqua Sphere is a well known name in the field of aquatic accessories. The Kayenne, available in many colors and lens colors is a durable all purpose swim goggle. Bigger than a Swedish style with a more substantial nose piece, but smaller than a swim mask, it offers a large field of vision.

It also comes in ladies and small styles which are scaled down versions of the original designed to fit smaller faces. The strap is very easy to adjust using the small levers at the temple. They can be adjusted quite easily while in place. You can get clear, smoke or blue lenses. The strap is silicone and the Kayenne has U.V. and anti-fog treatments.

I have always liked the Aqua Sphere line of swim goggles, even though they tend to be a little wider-fitting than other brands. In my own experience, the Kayenne fit perfectly within the contours of my eye sockets and remained in place throughout the entirety of my workout.

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格鲁竞技Speedo Air Seal Tri Swim Goggle Review

Speedo Air Seal Tri Goggles

Popular with triathletes and open water swimmers, the Speedo Air Seal Tri is a good value. The frame is very light and the field of vision is wider than many competition-type goggles. Ratings from open water swimmers have been good to date. U.V. protection is standard. The mirror coating helps to reduce outside glare.

They come in black with a gold mirrored lens and in a white or “ice” color frame with a smoke lens。

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Engine Weapon Goggle Review

Engine is a goggle designer and manufacturer, located in Australia, with a very exciting line of competition and training goggles. Though less known in the U.S., they have quite an international following. One of the nice features of the Weapon goggle is that it comes with four different nose bridges. This allows the swimmer to tailor the width between the eyes to get a custom fit.

Very streamlined swim goggles, they are designed for racing and serious training. The injection-molded silicone rim technology creates a comfortable water tight seal. The Weapon Goggle provides U.V protection and comes with an extra strap.

The Weapon comes in a variety of colors with clear or mirrored lenses。

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Tusa Liberator Prescription Goggle Review

Tusa has offered a Prescription Swim Goggle solution for quite a while. The Tusa Liberator prescription approach uses replacement lenses, purchased separately for your prescription (can be different for each eye), to replace the regular lenses that come with the Liberator standard goggles.

The corrective lenses are available in diopter strengths from -2。0 through -7。0 in 0。5 increments。 They have an anti-fog coating and are U。V。 protective。 They come in a smoke tint as well。

The Tusa Liberator prescription approach lets you put together a customized pair of corrective goggles at a reasonable price。

I use a pair of these myself and they do an accurate job of correcting my vision and are comfortable.

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